An Update On the AZG COVID Safety Plan from the AZG Committee

Monday, 22nd of November, 2021

Dear Sangha
South Australian borders open this week after a long period of closures and restrictions due to COVID-19. These changes lead us to ask questions about how best to proceed as a group.

As a sangha, we are interdependent upon each other to maintain dharma practice, and the environment for our ongoing safety and wellbeing. We believe that vaccination has a key role to play in this, both as individuals and as a group.

At this stage, from Tuesday the 23rd of November, sitting in person with AZG will be open to people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

For those who are not vaccinated or preferring not to attend in person events, we are establishing a regular online sitting practice. We’ve had great success stepping into the world of online sangha in the last eighteen months and look forward to offering this option to you on a regular basis. We will update you soon on details.

If you have a medical exemption from the vaccine, please contact us.

To help us with this policy, we ask that you send evidence of your vaccination status to Jak Baddams at or Ros Schmidtke at  Questions and concerns can also be raised with Jak and Ros as the welfare officers.

It’s also possible for you to bring evidence of vaccination to the Hutt Street Zendo instead of emailing, as any zendo leader can cite your evidence, and you will only need to show us once. Please arrive ten minutes early so we can confirm your status and be able to start on time. If you are still setting up your myGov record, the post vaccine paper record is fine to bring.

We have a QR code in place for checking in, and hand sanitizer is provided. We’ll continue to ask our sangha to wear masks while in the zendo for the foreseeable future, and we’ll update the sangha of our ongoing precautions as the SA COVID situation develops.

Also, we ask that if you have any presenting cold or flu symptoms to please stay home and practice with us online until you are well.

We look forward to sitting with you when we see you next.

Adelaide Zen Group Committee


It’s beginning to look a lot like….

You are invited to an informal picnic on Sunday 5th December 2021 after sitting at Hutt St.We are planning to go around the end of Gilles Street to Victoria Park (Pakapakanthi).Bring everything that you need, and invite anyone that you would like.

We pass the IGA on Hutt Street on the way, so you can pick up a platter or something impromptu as well. The AZG Committee hopes to see you there.

Listen to Zen Talks @ AZG

We are uploading audio talks from AZG teachers as a way of sharing Teisho and Dharma Talks with all of you and especially those of you who are not able to attend in-person events with AZG.

Our Talks Page includes several recordings of Allan Marett Roshi and a series of talks ranging from Allan’s work on the Book of Serenity and other talks on subjects including the Heart Sutra. We’re recording and uploading more and more talks by our teachers and we’re looking forward to building our online resources.

Steve Wigg Becomes an Apprentice Teacher at AZG

Congratulations to Steve Wigg, who is taking the big step into an Apprentice Teacher role with the Adelaide Zen Group.

Steve, who took jukai with Robert Joyner Roshi, has been a longstanding member of the group and on top of his intense years of dharma training has served in almost every role the group has to offer, and has also organised many AZG in-person retreats and hosted weekend intensives at his house with its beautiful garden and lotus pond. Steve has also been serving as President of the group, and will step aside from that role to focus on his teacher training.

We’re looking forward to meeting Steve in dokusan and experiencing his own personal flavour of the dharma. Congrats Steve!

Congratulations Matt Williams on his Jukai ceremony!

On Sunday, 14th of November, AZG held a jukai ceremony for Matt Williams who accepted precepts with Bob Joyner Roshi. This ceremony marks Matt’s ongoing deepening into the practice of working with the precepts with Bob as his guiding teacher, and making a public declaration to the sangha that this journey is an ongoing part of his life and practice.

Matt has kindly let us share his personal vows, a personal response to the precepts that he has developed over several months through deep inner consultation with himself and with his teacher. Congratulations Matt!

If you’re interesting in knowing more about the precepts and understanding Jukai, why not try this article from Lion’s Roar.

Also, if you’d like a taste of how to work with the precepts in person, this coming Thursday, 18 November, evening Zazen at Hutt Street will comprise a Full Moon Precept ceremony led by Allan Marett. We will be taking up the precept of Not Discussing Faults of Others. Please join us!



I take refuge in the Buddha.

The Buddha lead the way and showed that for all beings, realisation is possible. The Buddha’s example encourages me to keep working at my practice.

I take refuge in the Dharma.

The Buddha’s teaching highlights the path so that when I struggle to see it, the teachings show me the way, in this I take refuge and strength.

I take refuge in the Sangha.

The Sangha as a group of people on the same path provides encouragement and support to me when things are hard.  Without a strong support any building finds it harder to stand, likewise without the sangha to support, my practice becomes harder and shakier.


I vow to maintain the precepts.

The precepts guide us and provide the signposts for our journey, they outline a way to behave and act that helps us with our practice and to actualise our buddha nature.

I vow to practice all good Dharmas.

Practicing good Dharmas is not separate from maintaining the precepts and helps us saving the many beings, it is through our words and actions that we express buddha nature to the world and help others to realise it also.

I vow to save the many beings.

I save them all by including, nothing left out.  When I fall back into concepts and ideas, I leave things out and cause separation.   By practicing on my cushion and letting go of concepts and ideas I include all beings. 


I take up the way of NOT KILLING.

Killing has many forms it’s not just physical killing. 

To stop or hinder someone’s journey in search of empty oneness, which could be through physical death, or it could take a myriad of other forms. To express the truth that there is no separation between you and I we should support and nurture all beings.

I take up the way of NOT STEALING.

Stealing encourages the belief that self and object are separate, and supports the ego centric mindset.  By being generous with the dharma assets we support all beings. 

I take up the way of NOT MISUSING SEX.

This body (all bodies) is none other than a complete presentation of the whole – it should be honoured and respected as such. Misusing sex is not separate from stealing or killing, it is simply another form of perpetuating concepts and ideas, and not promoting realisation.

I take up the way of NOT SPEAKING FALSELY.

To use lies enhances the perception that you are in here and I am out there.  It reinforces the separation that self and other are different and encourages ideas and concepts.

I take up the way of NOT GIVING OR TAKING DRUGS.

An occasional drink is pleasant but escaping to either it or drugs separates us from realisation and enforces concepts and ideas.  To misuse alcohol or drugs is no other than stealing and killing.


All things, and all phenomena are an expression of empty oneness.  To see faults and errors is to fall into concepts and ideas separating ourselves and others.


All beings are to be valued and supported, to praise oneself or speak ill of others reinforces the separation and delusion that we strive to see through on our cushions.


All things arise in the moment, nothing is mine, there is no me or other, hanging onto the delusion that I can amass wealth just helps to enforce concepts and ideas, nothing is mine so what is to not give freely.  In doing so we also help others awaken to the truth.

I take up the way of NOT INDULGING IN ANGER.

Anger arises, let it rise but do not hang on it, in doing so we separate ourselves and fall back into delusion, stealing from ourselves and others the opportunity to see the reality just as it is expressed in the moment.


Our Sangha is a key support and one that needs to be treasured.  A group of likeminded people to help us in our practice is something to be valued and nurtured, talking negatively of the sangha encourages and breeds mistrust and will not help to nurture and support our practice or the practice of others. The Buddha showed us the way and the Dharma is our guide if we defile them we help separate ourselves from them and breed delusion.

Coming up: the AZG Spring Intensive, November 5-7

The AZG Spring Intensive is coming up on the weekend of November 6 and 7. If you’ve been sitting for short periods, coming along to an intensive for a weekend or a day or even a half-day is a good way of dipping your toe into sitting for longer periods. If you’re curious about attending one of the AZG’s 5- or 7-day sesshins, intensives are a fine way to test the water.

But – the Spring Intensive filled very quickly! Only a few days after the mailout, all places were taken.

We’re already planning intensives and events for 2022. If you’d like to be on the mailing list and be among the first notified for upcoming intensives, retreats and other AZG events, please contact us at and we’ll be in touch.