March 2022: What’s Happening at AZG

First of all: There’ll be no sitting on Sunday 6th of March due to the AZG online intensive.


In-Person Sitting Returns at Hutt Street from Thursday evening 10 March and continue every Thursday evening and Sunday morning from that time on. 

Some things to know:

Thursday night sitting will start in-person at 730PM. Sundays will continue to start at 9AM.

We will be following SA Govt COVID Safe Guidelines including; wearing a mask, no group chanting and maintaining safe distancing. 

In addition, we will continue to require proof of vaccination (at least 2 doses). If you have not yet provided evidence OR have received a booster shot please contact us as soon as possible.

Proof of vaccination can also be presented when you attend at Hutt St. 

If you have any questions or issues, please email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We’ve enjoyed the chance to step into the world of online sitting and we’re looking for ways to continue to offer in in the future. Stay tuned for more information.

Myvanwy Williamson and Alexander Cox take Jukai with Allan Marett Roshi in a hybrid ceremony in person and online, supported by Rev. Neti Mushin and Twining Vines Zendo.

Myvanwy Williamson and Alexander Cox took Jukai with AZG teacher Allan Marett in a special, and so far as we know, unique ceremony.

Originally, Allan had planned to travel to Canberra, where Alex and Myvanwy live, to conduct the ceremony at the Twining Vines Zendo. As COVID continued, a different plan was hatched. Allan attended the ceremony via Zoom and officiated as Alex and Myvanwy took the precepts at Twining vines with Reverend Neti Mushin, a Soto Zen priest and Diamond Sangha teacher, officiating in person.

Jukai is a wonderful way to commit to the path of practicing Zen and an opportunity to reflect on what the practice means and how to express it in our vows and our lives. This was a particularly special expression as family, friends and other sangha members joined from across Australia and the world.

Alex and Myvanwy kindly agreed to allow their vows to be published. Congratulations to you both!

Jukai Vows: Myvanwy Williamson

The Three Refuges

I take Refuge in the Buddha

I take refuge in the Buddha’s awakening and in the all-pervading Buddha nature. I vow to cultivate the clarity to see that these are not separate, and to perceive the complete coming forth of all things.

I take Refuge in the Dharma

I take refuge in the Dharma as teaching and the fullness of the many dharmas that arise and fall. I vow to cultivate the humility to accept and live these completely.

I take Refuge in the Sangha

I take refuge in the Sangha of all Beings. I vow to cultivate the openness and trust to let go into the arms of the Sangha. Although I do not go for Dokusan with the magpies they are still my teachers. Although there are places that I cannot go there is nowhere I am not home.

The Three Pure Precepts

I vow to keep all precepts.

Each precept contains the others. I vow to practice skilfully and embody the precepts in every moment. 

I vow to practice all good Dharma.

The Buddha way is always present. I vow to cultivate the Buddha way in every moment and practice all good Dharma through any hardships. 

I vow to save the many beings.

The many beings are already saved and yet suffering continues. I vow to save the many beings through my practice and through my actions in the world.

The Ten Grave Precepts

I take up the way of Not Killing

Although there is fundamentally no birth or death, birth and death come forth fully in each moment without hindrance, gain or loss. I vow to cultivate the compassion to honour life and death in every form.

I take up the way of Not Stealing

There is no one who owns and nothing to own and yet taking what is not given causes harm. I vow to cultivate the generosity to give freely and not cling to ideas of self and ownership.

I take up the way of Not Misusing Sex

Sensuality arises as naturally as the blossoms in spring, and yet its misuse can destroy lives. I vow to honour the integrity of every being and their interconnectivity.  

I take up the way of Not Speaking Falsely

The fundamental truth cannot be explained and yet communication is essential for human life. I vow to cultivate authenticity in all speech and conduct.

I take up the way of Not Giving or Taking Drugs

Drugs themselves are neither wholesome nor unwholesome but they become wholesome when used as medicine, and unwholesome when used as intoxicants. Although the Way is always present, the unwholesome use of drugs obscures that fact. I vow to practice skilfully to only give and take drugs when it is wholesome.

I take up the way of Not Discussing the Faults of Others

Judging another is comparison which hardens the heart and obfuscates one’s true nature. I vow to speak in a compassionate way that does not create division between self and other.  

I take up the way of Not Praising Myself While Abusing Others

To hold oneself up against another is what creates both self and other. I vow to recognise the illusory nature of difference, that each of us is not better, not worse, always coming forth completely without hindrance.  

I take up the way of Not Sparing the Dharma Assets

Not sparing the Dharma assets is to give and receive without hesitation or obstruction. I vow to not let dualistic thinking obstruct the original Dharma sharing that has been here from the beginning, so I do not put myself in the way of what would otherwise flow freely.

I take up the way of Not Indulging in Anger

Clinging to anger perpetuates one’s suffering and transmits it to others. I vow to cultivate the spaciousness to recognise anger as a teacher and allow it to soften and reveal the deep caring that lays beneath it

I take up the way of Not Defaming the Three Treasures

Not defaming the three treasures is to polish them in everyday life. To polish the Three Treasures is to take refuge in them and sincerely practice the Way. I vow to practice sincerely and honour the Three Treasures in all their manifestations.

Jukai Vows: Alexander Cox

The Three Refuges:

I take refuge in the Buddha. Buddhanature pervades the whole universe, but it can seem hidden until we wake up from our dream. I vow to take refuge in this awakening, and to the peace that this brings to the world.

I take refuge in the Dharma. The truth cannot be expressed in words or contained in thoughts, and yet when I hear the teachings I see that they are a true guide to living. I vow to take refuge in this truth, and to share it with others.

I take refuge in the Sangha. Nobody can wake up for me, and yet my practice would not be possible without the support of my many companions along the way. I vow to take refuge in the support of the community, our ancestors, birds, stones and rubbish trucks.

The Three Pure Precepts:

I vow to keep all precepts. Life is full of opportunities to indulge in the unwholesome, which harms my practice and promotes disharmony in the community. I vow to practice the precepts, so that I can steadily keep to the path.

I vow to practice all good Dharma. Life is full of opportunities to practice the wholesome and promote harmony in the community. I vow to practice good Dharma, so that the Buddha Way can spread far and wide.

I vow to save the many beings. Innumerable beings suffer in endless cycles of delusion. I vow to liberate the many beings, so that we may all be at ease in life and death.

The Ten Grave Precepts:

  1. I take up the way of not killing. There is fundamentally no self that can kill or die, yet all beings suffer and fear death. I vow to protect life and act compassionately towards all beings.
  2. I take up the way of not stealing. In the ultimate sense nobody owns anything and nothing is owned, yet we suffer when we are deprived of what we consider ours. I vow to take only what is given, and only as much as I need.
  3. I take up the way of not misusing sex. There is not a single object in the whole universe, yet when we treat beings as separate from us, they suffer. I vow to treat all beings with kindness and respect and to refrain from harmful sexual behaviour.
  4. I take up the way of not speaking falsely. The absolute truth can never be obscured, yet when I deceive another it breeds distrust and bolsters ego.­­ I vow to speak from my deepest truth in a skilful and compassionate way.
  5. I take up the way of not giving or taking drugs. My original nature is always clear and unobstructed, yet when I cloud myself with intoxicants it only furthers suffering. I vow to not intoxicate myself or others with drink, drugs or avoidant behaviours.
  6. I take up the way of not discussing the faults of others. Stories are fundamentally insubstantial, yet gossiping and labelling limit possibilities and construct self. I vow not to tell the tales that hold us back.
  7. I take up the way of not praising myself while abusing others. Nothing ever truly separates us, but arrogance and comparisons create illusions of self and other. I vow to not indulge in attitudes of better or worse, while also honouring our uniqueness.
  8. I take up the way of not sparing the dharma assets. The world is full and complete as it is, and yet when I am stingy others are deprived of the opportunity to practice. I vow to practice generosity continuously so that we may all realise the Buddha way.
  9. I take up the way of not indulging in anger. Anger is a natural part of being human, yet left unchecked it causes hurt and fear. I vow to practice vulnerability and wisdom, so that defensiveness does not obstruct the true Dharma.
  10. I take up the way of not defaming the three treasures. Buddhanature is not subject to defamation or praise, yet unwise words might discourage my brothers and sisters from engaging in the way. I vow to live from the three treasures so that others might experience peace in their lives.