July updates – no in person sitting at Hutt St. on Thursday 7th and Sunday 11th July

Hello all, a reminder that the AZG Online Sesshin begins on Thursday 7th July.

We won’t be at Hutt Street for our usual Thursday night sitting (7th July) and Sunday morning (11th of July). The schedule resumes as normal the following week.

Looking forward to seeing some of you in sesshin, and looking forward to seeing everyone in person on our return!


Sit online with us and bring your practice home.

AZG is offering an online Sesshin commencing on the evening of Thursday 7 July to mid-morning on Tuesday 12 July. The teachers will be Allan Marett Roshi, with Steve Wigg and Peter Bursky as apprentice teachers.

The Sesshin will include early risings settling into a routine of zazen and walking meditation across the day and into the evening, interspersed with periods of rest and work supported by regular contact with a teacher in private interview and Dharma talks. This format provides an unique opportunity to deepen our practice and to get in close contact with, to become aware of, more familiar with our innermost true being. 

Both part-time and full-time participation will be available, so even if you have commitments preventing you from attending full-time, you could attend early morning and evening blocks as well as during the weekend. As much or as little as you can manage.

Application forms have been sent out by email – if you haven’t received one and would like one, please get in touch at azg@azg.org.au.