The affairs of the AZG are managed by the AZG Committee consisting of between five and eight elected members and non-office bearing positions (currently four people). 

The AZG members appoint Committee Members, for a one year term, at the Annual General Meeting usually held in August. 

The current Committee members are: 

Chairperson: Jak Baddams

Secretary: David Edwards

Treasurer: David Edwards

Assistant Treasurer: Brendan Robinson

Membership Secretary: Craig Behenna

Library: Craig Behanna, Craig McKay

Non-office bearing positions:

System Administrator: Jak Baddams 

Wellbeing and Mediation Officers: Julian DiBez, Gloria Savage 

Non-office bearing: Reece Trevenen 

The Committee meets on the last Sunday of every month. 

If you are interested in becoming a Committee member let the Secretary know by sending an email to: