Our teachers


Allan Marett Roshi

Allan Marett began his formal Zen training under Yamada Koun Roshi in 1976 before becoming a student of Robert Aitken Roshi.

He subsequently studied with John Tarrant, Subhana Barzaghi and other Diamond Sangha teachers. He was appointed an apprentice teacher in the Diamond Sangha in 2011 and received dharma transmission from Subhana Barzaghi Roshi in 2018.

In 2019 Allan moved to Adelaide where he now teaches at the Adelaide Zen Group.

Imelda Carson

Imelda Carson started sitting with the Adelaide Zen Group in the eighties. She has served on the committee for several years and has, over time, held the positions of President, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer.

She has been a student of Robert Joyner since 2003 and became a junior teacher studying with Robert Joyner in November 2018. She also has studied with Susan Murphy.

Robert Joyner Roshi

Bob Joyner Roshi is the Adelaide Zen Group’s teacher and based in Adelaide.

Bob has received Dharma transmission from Ross Bolleter Roshi in the tradition of the Diamond Sangha (founded by Robert Aitken in Honolulu).

Bob Joyner, a student of Robert Aitken Roshi and Ross Bolleter Roshi, is the resident teacher in Adelaide in the Diamond Sangha tradition. Bob gives dokusan (personal interviews) during zazen generally twice a month.

All of our teachers adhere to: